In the last years the tourism in Barcelona is one of the main sources of revenue for the city. As a proof is the progressive growth of the offer in accommodations of everything type, from 5 star hotels to private rented flats.

The number of visits to Park Güell has fallen from 9 to 2 million visitors in 2013, after the new schedules and limiting visitors

Barcelona’s transformation as a premier resort and the influx of tourists has caused some inconvenience to city residents.

Meanwhile, the tourism boom has also led to some changes in the ratio of tourists to Barcelona, especially tourists fleeing crowds and seek the essence of Barcelona.

We summarize not only what are the main problems generated Barcelona the massive arrival of visitors, but also the problems faced by foreign when they are in the capital of Catalonia.



The main problems faced by the citizens are related to the difficulty in living mainly by antisocial behavior, low cost tourism or the crush of drunken tourist who do not respect anything or anyone, showing absent regard to the city.
In Salou, Lloret de Mar or other parts of the country are much bigger problems.

Just in recent months has created a great debate on the amounts of rental apartments in the district of Barceloneta and the behavior of their tenants.

The users and some traders of the Boqueria market, in La Rambla, also are on the warpath against the excess of the visits for part of tourists in this space that still has a commercial use and is not prepared to receive to a lot of people at the same time. Against we have those establishments that take out a profit in the sale of products specially prepared for the people of out. Neighbours of the temple of the The expiatory church of La Sagrada Família also have complaints about the big quantity of vehicles, mainly coaches, parking in the surrounding area and hamper daily the circulation for the zone.

The city council also has approved new rules on the circulation the circulation in bicycle for the historical center of the city and with special attention to the tourist groups that circulate with bicycles rented. It does a year also limit to the number of visitors with schedules fixed to the Park Güell.


Miró in Barcelona

Miro mosaic on La Rambla

For the visitors, I have seen on several travel blogs that one of the main concerns are the pickpockets. We must clarify that most theft produces in slip-up situations. If you follow these basic tips you should have no problems , not carry bags open, keep them in view when you are sitting in a bar or restaurant , carry the wallet in the front pocket of pants , or be alert if someone untrustworthy want to focus your attention on the street with te objective of to distract.

Scams by some bars and restaurants of La Ramblas and most central areas (not just happening in Barcelona), apart from charging a rate disproportionate to the products that appear in the offer menu, it possesses the price of the drink that could triple the price of any other restaurant.

We can prevent the bad experience of pickpockets using four very simple tips


A report of the Government stressed most tourists positively valued experience in the city, 20% did not highlight anything in particular, 14% say that the worst is functioning citizen, dirt and noise, followed by infrastructure and prices 9% 8%. *

According to another survey Barcelona is the sixth most expensive city for tourists, behind Madrid, according to a comparison between the 20 items used by tourists. ** Note that there may be savings in most products if the trip is well prepared and opened some made specifically for tourism activities such as eating in downtown restaurants, museums tickets with discounts or not to buy souvenirs in stores low quality.


Only with the correct policy towards the quality tourism institutions and good behavior of visitors, you can overcome this evil be introduced to the growing city.

Must work with the international smear campaign, which sell Barcelona and Catalonia as a destination binge, where anything goes. We promote civic behavior and demand, as we like to behave at home.


July 2015: The council suspended the granting of new hotel licenses in Barcelona.

August 2015: Increased problems with unofficial guides for professional intrusion, because they can not exercise within tourist areas.

July 2016: In 2016 the council has banned the circulation by  Segway along the coast of Bacelona to no disturb the pedestrians.

Know the local culture is the first step to respect. We’ll help you discover Barcelona and know its history, culture and gastronomy, either reading other posts or booking some of our activities.