Walking food tours

walkYou can choose one of our circuits set in different neighborhoods of Barcelona.

In every circuit we offer you a combination of cultural visit and gastronomy like that you will be able to see and to taste the city from a new perspective.

You will be able to taste handcrafted beers, excellent oils of virgin olive the unique extra of the Mediterranean, local wines and craftbeer, stuffed sausages and all the ingredients that characterize the own cuisine of Barcelona.

Both the tour and the gastronomic stops have been designed in order that you could know the city without having the sensation of being a tourist.

The establishments have been chosen by your captivation and in the main the clientele is local.

Also you have the possibility of enjoying our private, well-considered tours in order that the groups enjoy the personal attention for our guides or for those persons who want to become personal the contents of the visit or degustations.

We will do that you could know and to savour in what more you are interested, doing of your visit to Barcelona the unique experience.


Walking tours in small groups in order that you could know and savour Barcelona of a very nearby way. The most complete food tours in Barcelona.

Tour Born: Taste the city

An experience around the Barcelona from the 14th centuries to the 18th and with a gastronomic touch

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Food Tour Gothic: The history’s flavour

The best mixture of cultural and culinary tourism. Meet the most authentic history and gastronomy of Barcelona.

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Food tour Gràcia: Eat up Barcelona

A 100% food tour around the village of Gràcia. There you will find the Barcelona from the end of 20th century to beginning of 19th century.

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Vermouth tour in a non touristic district

Discover the Joys of Traditional Catalan Vermouth

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