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Vista Barcelona


We are a turistic company based in Barcelona providing a wide offer of gastronomical and guided tours services.


Our aim is to offer our clients a combination of both elements in order to introduce them the real Catalan mind and soul through its traditions, its culture, its cuisine and its history.


We believe that the local gastronomy is an essential part of the process of discovery of a new culture.


Gastournomic services are designed from the point of view and the needs of the customer.


In this respect we are glad to offer all sort of tourist activities adapted to your interests and requests and based on the authentic local culture. We always draw away from stereotipes, clichés and “typical for tourists” stuff.


Before we start working on a new project, we ask ourselves questions like: what the visitors could be interested in? Which stories, flavours and anecdotes will guide them in the experience of learning abour a new culture?


Nowadays Catalonia is one of the world references in gastronomy and cuisine’s innovation. Gastournomic takes the visitor closer to the Catalan culinary tradition which has been in the origin of several Michelin stars.


As for Barcelona, this is one of the capital cities of the Mediterranian. A city of contrasts that has forged his personality through the centuries and the adoption of elements from different cultures as their own.


This ancient and plural society has a unique character expressed through its own culture, history, languange, cuisine, and so on.


Our guided tours and cooking workshops are designed to meet the visitors expectations. For us, quality and fun at a fair price is a must.


Come to learn about it with Gastournomic.

Much more than a tapas tour